Realization Of Charged Securities

Realization of Charged securities is closely related to repossession. Realization of security is the act of liquidating an asset that was offered as security into cash to recover the loan. The securities, also referred to as collateral range from Land, Land and buildings, household assets, business assets or even livestock such us dairy cattle, camel, e.t.c. Upstate Kenya Auctioneers is an expert when it comes to security realization. We market the security aggressively to ensure maximum recovery for the financier.

We maintain data base and mailing list of all the buyers to whom we immediately contact when we have some property for sale. Advertisement is key to any sale. We have dedicated pages in our website where we place all the properties available for sale. We also advertise the property in the social media such as face book, whats-app, twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on. These have the ability of generating substantial interest in the property from our wide audience of prospective buyers. We realize charged securities through out the Republic of Kenya.